This page lists the creative specifications for text, image and video ads for Leadbolt campaigns. 

To run advertising campaigns with Leadbolt, make sure you sign up to a Leadbolt Advertiser account here or login to the Advertiser Portal here. You can learn about this in our Advertiser Getting Started Guide including how to create your first campaign.

All creatives when included with campaigns will need to conform to the these specifications:

Ad Creative Specifications

Leadbolt supports a number of creative types and sizes for promoting your campaigns. To ensure optimal display and performance across all devices, it is recommended that the listed set of creative sizes are uploaded with your campaigns. Here are the creative specifications for campaigns:

Video Ads

  • Format: MP4
  • Video Codecs: H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
  • Audio Codecs: MP3, AAC
  • Length: 15 and 30 seconds
  • Dimensions: 480×320, 568×320, 1024×768
  • Companion Ads:
    Image Style Standard Size
    Portrait 320×480, 320×568, 768×1024
    Landscape 480×320, 568×320, 1024×768

Image Ads

  • Format: JPG, GIF, PNG
  • File Size Limit: 150KB
  • Dimensions:
    Image Style Standard Size HD Size (2x std size)
    Icon 120×120 240×240
    Interstitial – Portrait 320×480, 320×568, 768×1024 640×960, 640×1136, 1536×2048
    Interstitial – Landscape 300×250, 480×320, 568×320, 1024×768 600×500, 960×640, 1136×640, 2048×1536
    Banner 320×50, 468×60, 728×90 640×100, 936×120, 1456×180

Text Ads

  • Title: 30 characters maximum. This is the largest and most prominent text of an ad placement.
  • Subtitle: 50 characters maximum. This is most often displayed below the title of an ad placement.
  • Description: 50 characters maximum. This is most often displayed in conjunction with the title on an ad placement.

All creatives used for your campaigns will be manually reviewed with Leadbolt’s content standards guidelines to ensure that your ads are suitable for our network. Please ensure that all creatives added to your Leadbolt account meet these guidelines and that you have permission to use any copyrighted images present on these creatives.

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