This page will explain what are Landing URL Tokens and how to use them correctly with your campaigns.

To run advertising campaigns with Leadbolt, make sure you sign up to a Leadbolt Advertiser account here or login to the Advertiser Portal here. You can learn about this in our Advertiser Getting Started Guide including how to create your first campaign.

All available tokens for campaigns are listed below:

Landing URL tokens

Landing URL tokens enable you to include campaign specific data within your landing URL as HTTP GET parameters. This is particular useful for generalising conversion/install tracking when using Leadbolt’s server-side tracking options and for offline campaign optimisation.

Landing URL tokens are included in your landing URL when creating a campaign and assigned to GET parameter of your choice. Leadbolt will substitute the token with the real-time value as each user is directed to the landing URL. The following example shows a sample landing URL where tokens have been assigned to GET parameters myparam01, myparam02. Please note, your landing URL must be capable of receiving and processing the parameters and related token values.

In this example the following tracking tokens have been included in the landing URL:

Token Description
[CLK_ID] Passes the click ID – useful for click ID based conversion tracking using post back URLs.
[TRACK_ID] Passes the track ID – useful for click ID based conversion tracking using post back URLs.

Available landing URL tokens for your campaigns are visible with the “available tokens” link in the campaign setup section Advertiser Portal.

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